Affiliate Marketing Secrets – Know How For Beginners

Earning money online is among the sweetest businesses of the XXI century. There are yet lots of opportunities, and new continue to emerge with the rise of new audience needs and desires.

Online affiliate marketing is certainly among the most perspective solutions with excellent potential for serious income. If you have a web site, generating fantastic volume of traffic or a lengthy targeted in some niche e-mail list, you are ready to go into the deep and test yourself with affiliate marketing. Me , I started two years ago as I am running a popular website for online sports betting and I decided to try generating extra money, monetizing my ad space.

I made my comprehensive research on the web to find an idea on the grounds of the business. I had been excited with the success stories of numerous entrepreneurs that I needed to begin straight away. The first thing that I did, was to examine the products, offered by the biggest businesses and try to figure out which ones I could market on my website. Lidango, MediaTrust and CXDigital, in which I discovered some fantastic offers for products, relevant to my site content and, really important — my viewers. My most prosperous campaigns were the ones created with Lidango, promoting diet and wellness products and other online gaming goods ufabet.

I Wouldn’t say it was easy to convert in the very beginning, but I was really lucky to have several important advantages to get me into a fast start:

The people of my website were coming to their own cash – they had been coming to bet and were ready to invest some money on another interesting product also
Big portion of sport-fans – which were my customers, were conscious of the body form and health and so target audience of the health and fitness products. Lidango consistently had great offerings and rates for all these products
Big part of my users was ready to bet in another online game, after success in football betting
Each user needed to fill a normal registration form to register to my own website and I had the email address. It allowed me to create a long, targeted mail list and start email marketing too. Lidango has some Excellent creatives for email marketing that convert quite nicely and I have always used them for my email campaigns
Once I have started as an affiliate marketer, then I have managed to double my income in only couple of months. I suggest to anyone who’s considering the opportunity, to research the market seriously, decide which niche to target and search for the best deals. My experience indicates that I earn the most with Lidango, as they give me nearly double commissions for the products I encourage, but my advice would be to join several networks. Lidango has ever given me very substantial prices and has excellent diversity of quality advertisers and creatives that convert.

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